Generate interaction networks comprising only the shared species across two or more networks.

netShared(net, pairwise = TRUE, compare.sub = NULL)



A list of two or more networks to compare, supplied as matrices.


Logical, whether to compare networks pairwise (default), rather than considering species shared across multiple networks.


Subsets of networks to compare pairwise. These should be supplied as a list of two sets of network names or indices. If only one set is supplied, this is compared to all other networks in net. If more than two sets are supplied, only the first two are used.


A list of networks of shared species. If comparing pairwise, this will be of length n1 * n2 * 2 (with n1 and n2 being the numbers of networks in each set), or if considering multiple networks, the length of the original list.


If comparing networks pairwise, and subsets are not specified, the output will contain network self-comparisons (redundancy).